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Cercle is an AI technology company delivering secure, data-driven biomedical and genomics healthcare insights for clinics, research labs, providers, and patients.
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The Cercle™ Biomedical Graph was created to drive better health outcomes
The Cercle™ Biomedical Graph is the first and only of its kind. With billions of anonymized biomedical and genomics data points drawn securely from healthcare providers and research labs around the world, it harmonizes fragmented and complex data with AI, generating insights that help improve health outcomes and patient experiences.
“With Cercle ’s AI platform at our fingertips, physicians can take personalized care to a whole new level. Cercle ’s AI platform will help lead us into the future of patient-centered care — one where we can individualize treatment plans and target specific patient needs.”
— Meredith Provost, MD, PHD
Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Physician, Indiana Fertility Institute

"We have partnered with Cercle to draw more meaningful insights from our data and improve our research capabilities. We hope these will drive a deeper understanding of the patient's journey and how we can continue to use data to improve the way in which we take care of patients.”
— Eduardo Hariton, MD, MBA
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Physician, US Fertility

“Cercle ’s unique technologies and solutions will help IVF providers unlock the full potential of our data to optimize patient care and provide embryologists with timely, decision-making insights.”
— Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD/CC
Vice President of Scientific Advancement, Ovation Fertility

“Cercle 's biomedical graph provides data-driven insights that optimize each step of the IVF process, leading to more informed patient decisions, lower costs, and improved outcomes.”
— Joaquim Trias
CEO, Attivare

“Cercle ’s blend of high-quality data and AI technology will help doctors improve assisted reproduction by standardizing care and personalizing approaches to drive more successful outcomes. ”
— Dr. Mitchell Rosen, MD
Reproductive endocrinologist, professor of reproductive sciences, and director of the UCSF Fertility Preservation Program

"Cercle provides a complete AI tool for IVF clinics that helps Clinicians and Embryologists improve their results and simplify their activities. Moreover, Cercle ’s 360 degree solution connects medical, embryo development, and genetic data to elevate all clinics that use it to a higher level of quality.”
— Daniele Semola
IVF Business Unit Manager Eurofins Genoma Group

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Empowering and supporting the medical and research communities
By transforming raw, unstructured and disconnected data into clear insights, Cercle partners with and helps doctors, hospitals, research centers, pharmaceutical companies, labs, and clinics treat patients more effectively and efficiently, supporting innovation and advancements in treatments and patient care across the healthcare ecosystem.
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Shaping the future of healthcare together
When people, labs, research centers and clinics contribute to the Cercle™ Biomedical Graph, they’re helping the healthcare ecosystem build a diverse knowledge base that enables better health decisions for everybody, everywhere.
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