Our Mission
To personalize and contextualize biomedical and genomics information so everyone can make better, more informed health decisions.
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How Cercle works
Cercle is dedicated to enriching our collective understanding of the world's biggest health challenges with secure data. By harnessing the power of AI, the Cercle™ Biomedical Graph helps healthcare providers connect complex, fragmented data to draw unprecedented insights for treatment optimization and improved patient care.
The Cercle™ Biomedical Graph advances healthcare
The Cercle™ Biomedical Graph is built with diverse, quality biomedical and genomics data from hospitals, research labs and clinics around the world. We will never use, manage or sell any personally identifiable health data. When a patient or doctor shares information with us, it is fully anonymized to guarantee privacy and security.
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A full suite of cutting-edge tools and products developed by Cercle, powered by the CercleTM Biomedical Graph
  • Data access tools
    Researchers and lab directors can query and visualize structured biomedical and genomics data to accelerate health innovation.
  • Modeling and insights products
    Advanced modeling tools help healthcare providers with financial and operational strategies.
  • Tools for clinicians
    Doctors get personalized care insights and predictive treatment outcomes based on Real World Data and Real World Evidence.
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Powered by the Cercle™ Biomedical Graph, Luce is a fertility companion that provides personalized insights to help make more informed decisions. It analyzes millions of anonymized IVF, IUI and egg freezing cycles to improve fertility journeys for women around the world.
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Advance healthcare with us
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