Ashley Finch joins us as our first Chief Operating Officer

March 13, 2024
By Juan Carlos Riveiro
On behalf of the Cercle Board and team, I am excited to welcome Ashley Finch who recently joined the Cercle team. Ashley joins us as our first Chief Operating Officer and will focus on growing our business, leading our go-to-market functions and ensuring we run efficiently and effectively at this critical stage of growth. 

We were initially drawn to Ashley based on her proven track record as an operator – both in big tech and small start-up environments. Ashley was most recently a Strategy & Operations executive at Meta Inc. where she spent the last five years running operations for their Business Messaging division and leading critical initiatives for the company’s C-Suite. Prior to Meta, Ashley held various operational leadership roles as an early employee at Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and was a consultant at McKinsey & Company. 

Cercle is a women’s healthcare AI company focused on advancing women’s health by decoding medical, biomedical and genetics data. When looking for our COO, it was important to us to find a leader with a deep operational and data-driven toolkit, but also an enormous passion for the women’s health space. 

In Ashley’s own words: “It’s rare to find challenging roles at the intersection of purpose, passion and skills. I look forward to applying my expertise in tech, operations and the women’s space to advance women’s healthcare and accelerate drug development for women.”

Ashley openly discusses her own fertility journey going through 11 IVF retrievals over the course of 3 years to grow her family. With Ashley’s case, the story had a happy ending (she is mom to a toddler and 9-month old). But in so many cases across healthcare, women are disadvantaged. 

Women's health is the most underserved healthcare market. Women’s healthcare research is massively underfunded – and women spend 25% more time in “poor health” than men. To address this underserved market, the women’s healthcare ecosystem needs better, richer data – and that’s our focus at Cercle. 

We are on a quick path to building the most comprehensive women’s health data platform available on the market today. Our unique AI/ML graph is opening up a new world of patient and business insights for clinics & labs – and will soon be used to match patients to clinical trials in a way no other company in women’s health is. 

This is just the beginning. Our mission is bold, our team is best-in-class with support from incredible investors like Sheryl Sandberg, and we couldn’t be happier that Ashley has joined us as our COO.

Photo Credits: Katie Rain Photography