The Future of IVF: Our New Partnership with Eurofins Genoma

June 9, 2023
By Juan Carlos Riveiro
We founded Cercle to advance women’s healthcare and provide unprecedented and secure healthcare insights to clinics, research labs, providers and patients. Women’s healthcare—and particularly, fertility care—is chronically underfunded and under researched, and we believe that must change.

We’re working to make this possible through a new, ambitious partnership with genetic analytical services provider Eurofins Genoma. By bringing the Cercle™  Fertility AI Tool to hundreds of fertility and genetics clinics across Europe, our partnership will help improve IVF outcomes and success rates through ultra-personalized treatment that clinicians and embryologists won’t find anywhere else. The Fertility AI Tool connects data from all treatment stages of an IVF cycle and compares a patient's data with similar patient profiles and similar embryo characteristics from Cercle's Biomedical Graph to help clinicians make embryo selection decisions, develop personalized treatments and medication protocols, and improve overall quality of care.

Eurofins Genoma is a tremendous partner in our mission to advance healthcare for all women. With its state-of-the-art molecular diagnostics laboratories, they are one of the leading providers of preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). By combining Eurofins’ PGT and genomics data with the anonymized biological and medical data powering Cercle, clinics across Europe will be better equipped to improve their IVF results, personalize treatments and achieve higher levels of efficiency.

This partnership will also help grow and strengthen the Cercle™ Biomedical Graph, which connects anonymized and secure biomedical data like ovarian stimulation protocols and embryo morphological and kinetics information from over 1.2 million patients. The combination of genomics data from Eurofins with the Cercle™ Biomedical Graph will usher in new advancements not only in IVF technology, but women’s reproductive health as a whole. Through this partnership, we will have more opportunities to discover the relationship between morphological characteristics, medical protocols and genetic test outcomes—leading to a whole new level of personalization of care and better outcomes for patients around the world.

We’ll be joining Eurofins Genoma to share more information about our partnership at the ESHRE 2023 Annual Meeting in Copenhagen from June 25 to 28. If you’re attending, come say hi!

And as always, if you have questions or would like to get involved with Cercle, please get in touch with us.