Cercle's Mission to Unlock Medicine 3.0

November 7, 2023
By Juan Carlos Riveiro
The world is on the verge of the next generation of healthcare. The healthcare industry creates 30% of the world’s data, but up to 80% of that data is unstructured, which means it has been impossible to comprehensively gather, study and learn from our collective medical histories. By unlocking the value of our biomedical and genomics data, we can accelerate the development of precision preventative medicine, help clinicians craft personally-tailored treatments for their patients, and empower everyone to make better, more informed decisions about our health. 

At Cercle, we’re proud to lead this new era of clarity, accuracy and knowledge in women’s healthcare. Alongside key customers like Eurofins Genoma and US Fertility, we are expanding the Cercle™ Biomedical Graph, an unprecedented AI technology platform that will transform fertility care and usher in the next generation of healthcare with Medicine 3.0.

What is Medicine 3.0? If Medicine 1.0 was the time of early experimentation, and Medicine 2.0 heralded the rise of germ theory, microscopes, and antibiotics, then Medicine 3.0 is all about predictive, preventive and personalized healthcare. 

Through the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can safely and securely analyze the world’s medical data like never before. Comprehensive biomedical and genomics insights drawn from real-world data, combined with the biological knowledge gleaned from single-cell gene and protein models developed by industry leaders like DeepMind and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, are catalyzing a wave of innovation. The healthcare sector is currently at an in-between state (let’s call it Medicine 2.5) and it’s the groundbreaking potential of AI and machine learning that has finally opened the door to Medicine 3.0.

Medicine 3.0 will enable smarter, faster and more informed healthcare around the world. We’ll be able to diagnose and treat chronic and complex diseases proactively, addressing illnesses at their root rather than alleviating symptoms after they’ve already caused damage. Understanding our genetic history and dispositions will enable the development of precision medications that are personalized to our individual histories and medical needs. By unlocking the value of biomedical and genomics data, health outcomes will improve, cures will be discovered and people will live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Patients are at the core of Cercle’s work, which is why we’re starting with one of the most neglected fields of the medical industry: women’s healthcare and the fertility field. Historical underfunding and underdevelopment paired with a severe lack of secure and accurate data directly impacts women’s health outcomes worldwide. Only 1% of biopharma pipeline assets and 2% of medtech novel approvals are aimed at addressing women’s health conditions, and women are diagnosed an average of four years later than men when it comes to more than 700 diseases. For women worldwide, embarking on a fertility journey is often a painful, confusing and disheartening experience. Doctors and clinics work tirelessly to provide the best care they can, but without the clarity provided by data, women are often left with more questions than answers. 

We are working to advance healthcare for all women through our AI technology platform, the Cercle™ Biomedical Graph, which organizes and connects billions of biomedical and genomics data points from over a million fertility cycles worldwide to provide comprehensive and dynamic data insights for clinicians, patients, researchers and more. The Cercle™ Biomedical Graph and its accompanying suite of tools are already in use by two of the largest and most trusted fertility institutions in the world, Eurofins Genoma and US Fertility. Thanks to our growing customer base with fertility clinics all over the globe, the Cercle™ Biomedical Graph is growing in scale and complexity every day, ensuring that the health insights we provide are based on the strongest, most accurate data available. 

And fertility is just the start. The Cercle™ Biomedical Graph is the first and only technology of its kind—and its potential to improve the healthcare sector is virtually limitless because it is uniquely capable of transforming disordered biomedical and genomics data without sacrificing security, privacy or accuracy. The insights developed by the Cercle™ Biomedical Graph will lead to better healthcare and strong advancements across the medical world. Clinicians will be able to develop streamlined yet sophisticated workflows, and patients will be able to make more informed decisions about their health with precise, personally-tailored insights. In the broader healthcare environment, the Cercle™ Biomedical Graph will lead to greater discoveries in research and pharmaceutical branches of the medical industry, a clear sense of direction and priority for insurance companies, and drive the development of precision medicine and personalized treatments.

Alongside clinicians, medical researchers, data scientists and healthcare leaders, all of us at Cercle are working to achieve our ultimate vision: a world in which everyone can make better, more informed health decisions. The Cercle™ Biomedical Graph will help make that vision—the vision of Medicine 3.0—a reality.